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Fibre Boards (FB)

Fibre Boards (FB)
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Brand:ТОО «РосКазДрев»
Country of manufacture:Russia

(DVP) of a wet way of production:

DVP: GOST 4598-86, TU 5536-024-06279163-94
DVP T gr. And, gr. B
Grade - 1,2
Format, mm: 2745*1700, 2745*1220
Thickness, mm: 3,2; 2,5
Issue class: E1

Advantages: fine doubling material for facing of frame partitions, walls, ceilings, floors of residential buildings, for production of doors of details of the built-in cases, production of furniture, the laminated parquet, production of a container.

Production technologies:

There are two main ways of production of plates of DVP - dry and wet.
The wet way - in the water environment is created wood-fiber weight, then of the cut strips at 70% of humidity the method of hot pressing makes the sheet DVP. It is the ecologically safest way of production of DVP plywood.

At a dry way wood-fiber weight is formed in the air environment, and pressing of a cloth happens at the humidity which is not exceeding 8%.

Allocate also two intermediate ways moist and wet and dry.
The moist way assumes formation of the dried-up wood pulp in the air environment and hot pressing of sheets DVP at 18% of humidity.

Mokrosukhy a way - production of wood-fiber weight in the water environment, the subsequent drying and hot pressing of the dried-up cloths, at humidity close to zero.

Classification of DVP:

Depending on density there are following types of DVP plywood:
• superfirm;
• firm;
• semisolid;
• soft.

From one or two parties the sheet DVP can be covered with film material, or is painted. Depending on facing material of a plate happen fireproof, moisture resistant or sound-absorbing.
DVP has a dense uniform surface. Material does not need to be processed or ground in addition, it is well milled. Thanks to the properties, fiber boards are widely applied in construction and industrial production.

DVP is used at:

• Production of furniture for the house and office.
• To internal finishing of railway cars and trams.
• Production of window sills and doors.
• To preparation for flooring, as a basis under parquets and linoleuma.
• To a covering of frame partitions, ceilings and different walls of rooms.
• Production of a packing container.
• Construction, as insulating material.

Advantages of DVP:

  • • Durability, service life of 5-10 years.
  • • Low price.
  • • Ideally plain polished surface.
  • • Ease of production of details of any form. Ecological safety.
Brand:ТОО «РосКазДрев»
Country of manufacture:Russia
Type of hardboard:HDF
Frame material:под заказ
Information is up-to-date: 06.09.2018

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