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Furniture board

Furniture board
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Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan
Massive glued plates, it is the single-layer plates made of natural wood. Preparations from deciduous breeds of wood stick together on width and on length big dimensional blocks. At production of laminated wood, preparation, even before pasting, are dried up to humidity which approximately corresponds to uniform humidity already in the built-in situation. Thanks to the processing made thus the stuck together wood gains many advantages in comparison with the massif of wood. It forms the basis for ensuring stable durability of a stable configuration of a design. Massive glued plates can be used at arrangement of an interior, for example, for production of ladders and steps, furniture, kitchen table-tops and other elements of an interior.


big figured firmness, exception of shortcomings of wood, firmness of a profile, big firmness against influence of material of bigger firmness, esthetic impression, gently polished surface, a possibility of additional processing, purely natural product.

Examples of use:

19 mm: the front party of furniture, window sills, under steps
27 mm: window sills, under the steps bearing layers, concrete degrees
40,45 mm: kitchen table-tops, steps of ladders, ladder steps, doors.

Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan
Information is up-to-date: 06.09.2018

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