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Plywood coniferous

Plywood coniferous
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Brand:ТОО «РосКазДрев»
Country of manufacture:Russia

Plywood coniferous
Brand: FSF, the increased water resistance
Issue class: E1 Coniferous plywood. Format, mm: 1220*2440 Coniferous plywood. Thickness, mm: 6,5; 9; 12; 15; 18; 21 Normative document: The GOST 3916.2-96 This Type of Plywood is made from a fir-tree or a pine, properties of this wood provide not only an attractive and harmonious type of a surface, but also excellent indicators of durability with a low weight and very high resistance to rotting. When using coniferous plywood you try to obtain several advantages over other materials suitable for arrangement of a continuous obreshetka at once (FSF plywood birch, plywood of FC birch, OSB, a dry cut rabbeted board, a dry cut board)
Advantages of plywood coniferous:
• attractive appearance; • high durability; • ecological safety; • low cost; • small weight; • high moisture resistance; • natural resistance to rotting and infection with a fungus; • good compatibility with decorative coverings (a laminate, a film, etc.).
Manufacturing techniques and types of coniferous plywood
Plywood from coniferous breeds is made in the form of single sheets of various thickness and size. The plywood leaf gathers from several layers of an interline interval. Their quantity fluctuates from three to seventeen. Thickness of a sheet of coniferous plywood directly depends on number of layers and can make from six and a half to thirty millimeters. At gluing together of a leaf the interline interval is selected so that the next layers had the perpendicular direction of fibers. It gives to ready plywood coniferous additional fortress.
Plywood coniferous is used for:
• constructions of low buildings; • production of furniture; • interior works; • bases under floor coverings in rooms; • coverings of roofs; • production of floors of railway cars; • productions of bodies of trucks; • coverings of vessels of various specification; • packings, production of a container. At coniferous plywood high degree of resistance to rotting and infection with fungi since the needles are impregnated with own pitches and in addition have gluing together on the basis of phenolformaldehyde glue between sheets of an interline interval, also coniferous plywood more wearproof, well resists to aggressive influence of an atmospheric precipitation. It has small weight (coniferous plywood easier birch for 25%). When saving practically the same strength characteristics as at birch and several times surpassing it is focused a struzhechny plate (OSP-OSB). Proceeding from it, the weight of a roof and load of rafters will be less at use of coniferous plywood. Comparative characteristics of Plywood coniferous more than twice, exceed characteristics of OSB.

Brand:ТОО «РосКазДрев»
Country of manufacture:Russia
Frame material:Plywood
Information is up-to-date: 06.09.2018

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