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The laminated plywood

The laminated plywood
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Country of manufacture:Russia

The plywood laminated holds among other types of plywood a specific place as not only the interline interval and a glue layer per se is its part, but also and a protective layer of a laminate by which each leaf of an interline interval becomes covered. This feature gave such plywood one more name - layered pressed.

The laminated brands are made of such breeds of a tree as a birch, the poplar, a pine, a larch, etc., however existence of a laminate cardinally changes its properties. Such brand has the much bigger density and, as a result, mechanical durability: besides, the laminate noticeably increases moisture resistance.

The laminated plywood in general is used in many branches. It is used and as the construction material used in building or in the form of decorative finishing, for example, just for decoration. Material is wrapped on both sides in a paper pitch film with use phenol of formaldehyde pitch. It allows to achieve considerable wear resistance and moisture resilience. The laminated grades are characteristic the big density and wear resistance at repeated use that does them irreplaceable in cyclic works in construction.

All laminated grades in our warehouses conforms to requirements to the RK standards

The structures used for lamination

Melamine - the material consisting of the pressed melaminoformaldegidny pitches and relating to group of aminiplastics. Melamine is widely used in production of consumer goods, and also for creation strong vlago-and wearproof coverings for a chipboard and the laminated brands.

Phenol - the chemical compound which is a basis of many organic pitches. Organic pitches on the basis of phenol are also used by production of the laminated plywood, however moisture resistance of it material is slightly lower. In this regard broad application was found by phenolformaldehyde mixes which are used along with melamine. The plywood laminated by melamine and phenolic pitches is applied mainly to creation of a timbering.

Polyvinylchloride - one of the most widespread artificial organic polymers. PVC possesses outstanding technological properties and low chemical activity. This property of polyvinylchloride caused its broad application in various spheres including for creation of the laminated plywood. The sheets laminated by a polyvinylchloride film it is used at for creation internal finishings and in the furniture industry - PVC is so nontoxical that do of it even capacities for storage of donor blood.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Wood species:Birch
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Information is up-to-date: 06.09.2018

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